The Lace Atelier

We have a strong affinity to our beloved film photographers.  Content not for reposting without permission.


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Long have we struggled to walk the line between sensual and comfortable. Why can't the modern woman have both. Indignant, we designed our most comfortable and photogenic boudoir line for brides. Nested within you'll find our Private Collection using only limited edition and rare lace. These pieces are unique and numbered like art work.  


Bride + Bridesmaids

What can we say? We have a soft spot for that perfect capture of a bride and her girls. Laughing, clinking champagne flutes and reminiscing on "remember when..." stories. These moments are as precious and evanescent as shooting stars. Hold onto them and don't let go... even if it means fighting with your planner for more time. 



If you want to treat yourself or a bride to be with a special gift, we recommend our bespoke L'eclipse Lingerie. We wanted to feel like we were wearing moonlight on our skin. Sheer, transparent, and oh so delicately delicious. Thin straps and 14k gold plated hardware. Luxury at its finest.