The Lace Atelier

We have a strong affinity to our beloved film photographers.  Content not for reposting without permission.


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Long have we struggled to walk the line between sensual and comfortable. Why can't the modern woman have both. Indignant, we designed our most comfortable and photogenic boudoir line for brides. Nested within you'll find our Private Collection using only limited edition and rare lace. These pieces are unique and numbered like art work.  


Bride + Bridesmaids

What can we say? We have a soft spot for that perfect capture of a bride and her girls. Laughing, clinking champagne flutes and reminiscing on "remember when..." stories. These moments are as precious and evanescent as shooting stars. Hold onto them and don't let go... even if it means fighting with your planner for more time. 



If you want to treat yourself or a bride to be with a special gift, we recommend our bespoke L'eclipse Lingerie. We wanted to feel like we were wearing moonlight on our skin. Sheer, transparent, and oh so delicately delicious. Thin straps and 14k gold plated hardware. Luxury at its finest. 



In a place we grew up in, it was fitting to do our very first styled shoot here. Familiarity and nostalgia permeated our memories as dreams blended with reality. Five blushing beauties, an open window, and a warm summer breeze: That was all we needed for perfection

Muse: Aphrodite | Models: Candice, Haily, Emilie, Mathilde, Dovile | Photographer: Jada Poon | MUAH: Modern Beauties | Calligraphy: Studio French Blue | Hair Pieces: Twigs and Honey | Diamonds: Michael Y Designs | Lingerie: The Lace Atelier | Stylist: Christine + Hélène | Florals: Monceau Florist | Antique Chaise: Jean Luc Ferrand



Vancouver Styled Shoot


Fall in Vancouver is astoundingly beautiful. The colours of Autumn, the way golden, copper, and fiery red leaves drift down towards the streets in a beautiful symphony. Everything was perfect... Then came the rain. And we retreated indoors.

With Demeter as our inspiration, we wanted to create stunning visuals through florals entwined about our Muse. To have the flowers be as much a part of her as she is a part of them.  

Muse: Demeter | Florals: Celsia Florist | Photographer: Green Ginger Photography | Model: Tiera Skovbye | MUAH: Minjee Mowat | Stylist: Christine + Hélène  | Lingerie: The Lace Atelier

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Texas and some Tulle


Our Private Collection pieces had quite the adventure! From Paris to Tennessee for a rendez-vous with Belle Lumiere founder Lexi Vorndberg. Then off to Texas for a boudoir shoot at the lemonade and lenses workshop. We can't wait to see our feature!

Model: Carmel Dudley | Styled by: Lindsey Brunk | MUA: Beauty and the Blush | Baubles: Christine Elise Jewellery | Venue: The White Sparrow | Lingerie: The Lace Atelier | Photographer: Taylor Lord | Workshop: Lemonade and Lenses | Press: Belle Lumiere



Charleston Bride


There's something so fitting about doing a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. This couple has it all, spunk, looks, awesome friends. Throw in some French Lace and its magic. For this Southern Belle, we created a bespoke lace dyed to a perfect Robins Egg Blue for her girls.

Photographer: Hyer Images | Wedding Planner: Loluma Weddings | Venue: Lowndes Grove Plantation PPHG Charleston